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25 October 2016 @ 11:04 pm
This is mostly my ramble and rant blog about Sho or Arashi or anything fandom and idol culture related but here are the link to fanfiction I'm writing! Please enjoy and leave a comment or two, I'd really appreciate that! <3


Title: Arashi-chan no Nichijou
Status: Ongoing
Pairing: OT5 but mostly OhMiya
Rating: PG
Summary: The Daily Misadventures of Ninomiya Keiko, her younger brother Kazunari and his Four Gorgeous Teenage Neighborhood Friends
Episode 1 // Episode 2 // Episode 3 // Episode 4 //


Title: Off Schedule
Pairing: SakuMoto 💜❤
Rating: PG
Summary: Lazy Sunday morning in bed.

Title: Stuck
Pairing: Sakurai Sho X OC
Rating: PG
Summary: "You are stuck in the elevator with the person on your lockscreen. Who are you with?" and what the hell would you fxxxing do?

Title: Hot Springs
Pairing: SakuMoto 💜❤
Rating: R
Summary: It's Matsumoto Jun's day off and he spends it skiing and in a ryokan with his boyfriend Sakurai Sho.

Hopefully there'll be more in the near future! <3 <3 Thanks and see you around! <3
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Okay wow wooah woaawowwee

I totally LOVED it like, I can't even reiterate.

Hmm I wonder where I start.


I'm actually a big fan of Filipino teleserye/telenovela although I don't really watch them from start to finish but even though I do enjoy watching them and guessing what happens next, I get really annoyed when I guess right... even to the point of guessing what exactly the certain character will say in a certain situation. Thus, my thirst for non-cliched "teleserye" was born.

And that's when I started watching American series, and ever since I got into Arashi, Japanese dramas. I haven't watched a lot yet (just two, actually, SekaiMuzu being the second one) but I have heard of a few from friends who enjoy watching them, and based from what they tell me, the plots aren't really that different. I have also seen some (if not a lot) shoujo anime to know how a normal "love story" works.

There are lotsa plots like SekaiMuzu, especially since HanaDan (which I have not watched, not even the Korean and Taiwanese versions) became famous, this "rich arrogant guy falls in love with simple strong willed girl" have been sprouting EVERYWHERE. Don't get me wrong. I like love stories, okay, but I avoid them like the plague because I tend to feel a lot because I'm a hopeless romantic and I turn into a faucet when I watch them. Either that, or I just roll my eyes and exit out of whatever I'm watching. Am I making sense here? Do you get what I mean? Like, overly dramatic "I love you and I cant live without you, you are my everything" put me off so bad. Anything that's too floofy or too sparkly and doesn't even have a hint of comedy or angst turns me off so bad. Anything that's to ideal or too fairy tale like, I dislike. I dunno I don't think I'm getting my point across.

But anyway...

What I really love about this series is that:

Ohno's character here is perf. The role Samejima Reiji really suited him. I love how Reiji is such a prim and proper ass hole who is a perfectionist but he doesn't really know how to deal with women and with people in general outside of work. I really love the fact that it wasn't highlighted that girls go after him, too. The stubborn side in Reiji's character is very annoying, yet it's also very refreshing and adorable.

And Haru oh my god, she is perfect. Her character Shibayama Misaki is perfect. I have never seen such a perfect female lead character before. I feel like I've found the Holy Grail of all lead female characters. Like, she's everything I've been looking for. Like, when Reiji tells her sweet nothings she has the best come backs to them that'll slam him. She doesn't get affected by naivete, she's not overly dramatic, she's level headed and doesn't even cry cry and damn her fashion is great! [Spoiler (click to open)]A female lead who appreciates it when the man she likes tells her that he'll only cheer her on but not help her. Amazing. I also really loved how she wanted Reiji to kiss her and she even tried to sneak a kiss without looking desperate. And when they started living together, I love how she confronted him very calmly about home-y things. Like, no-nonsense, no-drama. I like a good woman who can put an arrogant man in his place, hahaha. Truly an ii onna.

I also really loved Ishigami-san and Muraoki Maiko, Samejima Reiji's driver and secretary respectively. Muraoki is BEST GIRL FRIEND EVER. I mean, here's your best girl who is very polite to you, likes you no matter what ka-shittan you do, scolds you when you're you're being a delusional idiot, says the right things when you're sad and basically gets you through the day. [Spoiler (click to open)]Though I would've wished she did end up with Wada. Ishigami-san is kind of like the assistant best friend who supports Reiji but doesn't really scold him, unlike Muraoki. Hahaha.

Scenes with Reiji's dad kinda teared me a bit, because well, I have daddy issues. LOL.

It was a roller coaster of feelings and had me feeling really fuwa-fuwa in a non-rolling eyeballs way and really frustrated, like I needed to pause multiple times at certain episodes because I couldn't take it and needed to like swear at nothing in particular or hit a pillow. Hahahaha.

SekaiMuzu is the drink of fresh spring water after a whole night at a bar that only serves awfully mixed hard drinks. It's like waking up early to see the sunrise after eight hours of sleep after a week of barely sleeping. That's how refreshing this series feels to me.

To end this useless review, I'm so happy I got to finish this. It's bittersweet and reminds me of Honey and Clover (the anime, and not Sho's movie because I haven't finished watching that either) in a way, although it ended very differently than the latter. The transition of the story is also very smooth, and although it was only 10 episodes, I don't feel it was rushed. The character development is great, the music suites the feel of the story just right and ofc the ending song I Seek is sang by our beloved group of old men, Arashi. It's probs one of the series I will say is my fave and will recommend to other friends who look for a refreshing adult love story.

***edit: wow i completely forgot to mention Shochan. Lol. but yeah it's a known thing that he's there. So, it's not a spoiler if it's obvious. lol
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25 January 2017 @ 03:10 am

I know im pretty new to the fandom, and i dont really know Sho, didn't watch him "journey" to where he currently is now, and haven't watched a lot of his shows.. But i just wanna say that im really thankful bae introduced him (and arashi ofc) to me because well, another clutch in my life, another reason for staying alive. I dont really know why exactly I "chose" this guy, because he's a fail and he's smug af and doesn't even know how to cook (actually those might as well be the reason why I love him).

And because im out of words to say to this man, i will copy paste what i wrote on fb here and add a little more (italized are added sentences / also warning this is cheesy and weeb af) :

Because it's Shochan's birthday, i made this a few days ago. I know it doesn't really look like him.. And i kinda wanted to give up half way but i really wanted to draw this dork.. Or at least do this teeny tiny thing for him, no matter how insignificant it is, to thank him, i guess, for joining JE and for staying and not quitting and putting up with the idol life though i feel like he may (or may not) have had other plans for himself in the past. So happy birthday, Shochan! You might not know i exist but you bring a little bit of color to my every day and tbh you make my life a little bit worth living haha gago ka i hate you but i love you more, bwisit. I sincerely wish all the happiness to you and that you won't get tired of what you love doing and that you have excellent health and maybe a month off because you deserve that. you inspire a lot of people and have touched so many hearts, i dont care what people say, i genuinely believe that you are a good (whatever 'good'means) person and i want to believe that forever and put you on this pedestal forever so please please shochan don't ever change. Hnnnn take care of yourself okay and dont eat too much and always drive safely and this is getting cheesy and im about to cry now bye




gago i love all of you
16 January 2017 @ 04:14 am
Title: Hot Springs
Author: jou/mahounadegata
Rating: R
Genre: fluff, smut, romance
Pairs: SakuMoto
Length: >3000
Summary: It's Matsumoto Jun's day off and he spends it skiing and in a ryokan with his boyfriend Sakurai Sho.
Notes: I am SO bad at titles, I'm sorry. huhu. I wanted this fic to be a lazy, laid back fic.. no stress and for light reading (whatever that means). I personally find it dragging but I just love the idea of spending your day off with the guy you really like. It's been soooooooooo long since I've written something like this so I hope you go easy on me. TuT

You can listen to John Mayer's "Your Body Is a Wonderland" while reading this because that's what I was doing as I was writing it, Troye Sivan's "Blue Neighbourhood" (yes, the entire album) works well, too. Ariana Grande's "Into You", "Love Me Harder" and "Dangerous Woman" in the later parts. I apologize for sharing my shit music taste hahaha.

Oh, and if you want you could replace Jun with yourself and imagine that you and Shochan are having a skiing and onsen, er, "date". ;^)

nadepotahan guid ko ni kay indi na ko kabalo mag-sulat minanyak kag kahuluya ni, yodepota. daw mapatay ko lolzors

* * *

It was another one of your rare days off together and Sho decided to go skiing the whole day and stay at a close by onsen for the night. You agreed to this, of course, because... Well, why wouldn't you? You both agreed to ride the train, too, on the note that you both thought it to be more relaxing rather than to switch places driving. Besides, not agreeing would ensue a fit from him, and you'd get the whole "I clearly don't see any reason why we won't follow the schedule" episode or something like "You're pissing me off, I'm going out alone" and you don't want that, at least not today.

He has his sunglasses on and his jacket was covering half his face. You're wearing your Gucci sunglasses, a knitted fitted bonnet Leader gave you last Christmas and a face mask for extra precaution. Getting recognized in public would be troublesome.

"It kinda feels like I'm doing Secret Getaway with you." He chuckles, finishing an onigiri, which was probably scheduled for like, let's say, 15mins.

You grin. "Without the cameras?"

"Yeah." He takes off his sunglasses. "I dunno though, I don't really mind getting recognized right now for some reason." His hair wasn't set and it parted awkwardly, exposing his forehead. You found that really cute.

You look at the scenery for a bit and talk about last week's filming. Laughing about inside jokes and the stupid but ingenious things Aiba says, Nino's mean but witty commentary, a memory of Leader crying in Hawaii. You wanted to lean on his shoulder or maybe hold his hand but that would be awkward. You were in public after all.

He checked his watch. "I'm going to get some sleep now. You should, too."

"Okay. You shouldn't schedule things by the minute all the time, you know."

He didn't say anything and put his sunglasses back on, leaning his head back to the wall.

A few moments of silence. You stared at him for a bit and then looked back at the scenery, reminding yourself that there were also other beautiful things in this world other than Sakurai Sho.

"Jun." His voice pulled you away from your thoughts. "Jun, go to sleep." He's lifted his sunglasses so he could look at you with a squint.

"What? I don't want to."

"You need to."

"But I'm not sleepy."

"You need to sleep because it's in my schedule."

You burst out laughing. "Holy shit, Sho, loosen up."

He's kind of annoyed but he smiles and punches you lightly on the shoulder. Filming had ended at 4AM earlier and you both had only a few hours of sleep.

"You get some sleep, you idiot. I'm fine." You tell him, squeezing his hand a bit, but not too long for the other passengers to notice.

"If you say so." He puts his sunglasses back in place, relaxing. "It's still bothering me that you're not sleeping." He mumbles.

God, you want to kiss him so bad right now. You shake off this craving and decide to read to pass the time and distract yourself from this Baldr on Midgard beside you, and sooner or later you fall asleep.
You wake up to the sound of a woman's voice through the intercom, telling the passengers that you've reached your destination, and still find yourself warm despite the mountain temperature.

You realize Sho's arm is wrapped around your shoulder, and you're snuggly leaning against him. "Good morning, J." His smile was as bright as the sun, even through your sunglasses. "So you weren't sleepy, huh?"

You blink the drowsiness away and take off your shades, yawning and stretching. Nobody else was in your train compartment, and he decides to steal a kiss.

You were a bit taken aback and he chuckles. "We're a bit ahead of schedule so I decided to not wake you up." He pulls you back for another kiss. This one longer, gentle but alluring. As soon as you reach out to wrap your arms around him, he pushes you back. "Now we're approximately two minutes behind so we need to go." He looks at his watch and gives you smug smile.

"You sadistic bastard." You say under your breath, rolling your eyes but smiling to yourself.

And so your skiing adventure begins. You're careful as you always are, making sure neither one of you gets hurt. You enjoy just watching him flail around in the snow, doing rounds, skiing around you... just Sho things. You race each other, argue who's better just to agree it's a tie.

You say that you need a hot drink and ask if he wants any, he says no and tells you he'll do more rounds before calling it a day. You nod and walk to the vendo.

Sometimes you wish that everyday would be like this. Just you and this idol news caster, doing random childish things, not caring what people think.. but of course that's not possible. You know the jimisho's eyes are always on you. You're Arashi, and so was he, and news like this would be bad for the business. Very bad. You pop open your hot coffee fresh from the vendo and sip it quietly beside the machine, following your lover with your eyes. If you ever retire, can you actually ever live together without anyone judging you? If you quit now and tell everyone what's really going on between you two, what will they say? Will you ever live quietly together? Is that even possible?

Your thoughts were interrupted when a snowball lands on your face. "What the-?"

Sho was laughing like a maniac a few steps away. You run towards him and tackle him, pinning him on the ground. You squeeze his sides, looking for his ticklish spot. He confirms that you've found it with a sudden guffaw.

"Jun! Jun, stop!" He says through fits of laughter. "Stop! I can't breathe!"

You do and roll beside him and you're both lying on the snow together, breathing heavily, still giggling like kids. You agree to race each other one last time before going to the ryokan he booked. It was getting dark, anyway.

"Ah, I'm hungry." He says, checking the time. "I hope the ryokan has good seafood."

"Is it even time for us to eat already?" You joke.

He hits you lightly on the chest, grinning. "Are you mocking me?" His face was flustered from the cold. "It actually is time to eat."

You hire a car to get you to the ryokan not to far away from the foot of the mountain. The driver was a man around sixty who didn't seem to recognize you, thank god. He was talking about how the times have changed and he sees a lot of "couples like you" very often lately.

You and Sho looked at each other and try not to laugh. "We're actually just travelling friends." He says.

"Oh, I'm sorry! I hope I didn't offend you." The driver says, genuinely sounding apologetic. What a nice guy.

"No offence taken, jii-chan. It happens a lot." You say, smiling. "You're actually right though, jii-chan." you think to yourself.

The innkeeper was really nice, and she says that her daughter is a big fans of yours and that she was really happy that you were going to spend the night in their establishment but assured you that she didn't tell her about it because she was afraid that would make you uncomfortable. She leads you to your room and asks you if you want to have dinner and of course, you say yes.

You both thank her and she left.

"I appreciate that she didn't tell her daughter." Sho says, taking off his socks. "That would've been a bit troublesome."

You agree.

"I want to have you all by myself tonight." He says nonchalantly. You know you're blushing and look away for him not to notice.

You change into your yukatas and haoris while waiting for your food. You had shellfish, per Sho's request, and soba. The conversations you have while eating aren't very different from the ones you have when you're together with the other members, except he gives you more of those flirty smiles he does during concerts, sometimes even making bedroom eyes. It's so sexy it's annoying.

After eating you decide to watch a movie before going to the onsen, and tonight it was Jet Li and Jackie Chan's The Forbidden Kingdom. You were laughing at the scene where Jet Li pees at Jackie and you notice that Sho had fallen asleep.

You get a blanket and wrap it around him, careful not to wake him up. He's been busier than you lately, with new projects sprouting here and there. You're kind of disappointed that you can't go to the onsen together but you go anyway.

You stay in the springs for about ten minutes but couldn't stop thinking about the sleeping beauty in your room and decide to check on him. You dry yourself and put your yukata back on, tying the belt loosely.

You walk back to your room and find him fully awake, his chin resting on his hand on the table. He was pouting. "You went to the onsen without me." That tone clearly meant he was upset and sulking.

You chuckle. "You were asleep and I didn't want to wake you up."

"But I wanted to go to the onsen together. You're so unfair." Ah, here we have it. The childish side of Sakurai Sho, which is even worse than Ninomiya Kazunari's. Worse because it was more spoilt and even more bratty, especially towards you.

You sit beside him. "Well, I didn't stay there long so we could come together."

He leans in, your noses almost touching. "Do you really" His lips form a sly upward curve, "wanna come?"

You realize you made the wrong choice of words. Holy hell, why did you give him an opportunity to do this to you? And how the hell could this man switch to sulking-pouty-cutie to hungry-horny-little-shit in an instant?

You back away a bit but he moves closer.

"...so?" He breathes. His gaze dances from your lips, then to your eyes, straight into your soul.

Your heart is pounding. You suddenly feel so thirsty.

He leans over close and rests his lips on yours.

You kiss him hungrily because damn, you realize it's been weeks and you just wanted him so, so bad. You find your hands on his bare arms, and then his shoulders, and then his neck and they stay there for a bit, before they go to his face.

He pulls away but leaves wet kisses on your neck, and then your ear, the small breathes he makes and silent whispers of your name send shivers down your spine. He pulls your obi away and almost rips your yukata off. A finger brushes against your left nipple, slides down to your stomach and then your hip.. And then your thighs.

The scent of his skin, milky sweet and sour from sweat, was already enough to make you go crazy, what more his hands exploring every inch of you?

Your hard on was throbbing. It was close to painful. You just wanted him inside you right now, grind against you, consume you. "Just fuck me already, Sho." You managed to say through clenched teeth and half-lidded eyes. He was looking at you in the same manner, and you see his tongue slightly glide over his lower lip... jesus, that alone was enough to make you come.

A small laugh escapes his glorious lips, which were now on yours again, and he grabs your hard on, slowly squeezing it, but not moving. You arch your back, urging him to move his god damn hand, but he just squeezes harder, teasing. "You want to come that bad?"

You break away from the kiss and managed to form words. "Stop it with you shit puns." You say in a moan. "It's not funny anymore."

And he suddenly has you in his mouth that you felt like breaking and just coming right there and then. You pull on his hair, trying so hard not to shut your eyes in pleasure so you could watch him. He stares back, a smug look on his face, a smile still playing on his lips.

"Oh, god, Sho."

You feel cold liquid on your entrance, and then a finger, and another.. and another.

"You..?" It was hard for you to form words now. Your head was spinning in ecstasy. "Where the fuck did you get lube?" You managed to finally say through moans.

He gives you a long drag and breaks away with a pop and then a grin.

"You planned this all along, didn't you?" You say, watching him open a condom packet and put the rubber on.

He kisses you on the cheek, slowly entering you. "Did I?" He whispers into your ear.

All you could do in response was moan. Oh, sweet god, you felt like your insides were burning. You swear you were melting while he was moving inside you. His fingers were wrapped around your member, sometimes subtly squeezing, sometimes moving. You want to pull his hand away because you couldn't take it but you were almost there and also didn't want him to stop. You pull him back into another messy and hungry kiss, almost clawing his back.

He pulls away from your lips only to say your name in an almost angry grunt. "Coming." He grips you tighter, pumps until you both reach release.

You feel him pull out as he plants small kisses on your neck, still on top of you. A little silence, a little cuddling. You run your hands up and down his back, and then through his hair. He whispers three words you seldom hear from him because it's taboo, and you find yourself blushing again, but didn't bother hiding it. You whisper those words back...

Then you realize that it is so damn cold.

"I should really try out the onsen." Sho sits up and combs his hair with his hand. A sinister grin slowly appeared on his face. "You wanna come there with me, too?"

It's going to be a long sleepless night... and damn, is it going to be so worth it.


sang pagsulat ko "member" nag-sulod sa ulo ko member sang dungganon. ahah
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10 January 2017 @ 05:54 am
Title: Stuck
Author: jou/mahounadegata
Rating: PG but lotsa swearing
Pairs: Sakurai Sho x OC
Note: at the end! :)


I had stayed up watching Penny Dreadful after rewatching The Digitalian 2014 concert and was starting to feel really hungry. The hallways were quiet, unsurprisingly. It was almost three in the morning but I was craving one of those rice balls they sold in 7-Eleven-- yes, I want those exact ones-- like hell and I just needed to satisfy this craving.

I stepped into the elevator and noticed "Every Breath You Take" by The Police was playing in the background, barely audible. I'm not really sure why this song was playing in a hotel in Tokyo, but it was a relief hearing an English song randomly.

I took my phone out and decided to check my Facebook newsfeed and try to see what my friends back home were doing. It's about 4 years since I moved to Japan. I live in Nagoya and I'm only here in Tokyo because my mom and her boyfriend decided to come and see how I was doing, and of course, experience The Land of the Rising Sun.

It was a calm descent to the ground floor. I was busy with my phone, giggling at the memes and jokes my friends regularly post. Stalking a few people, replying to some messages, trying to keep up with my small circle even though I was a thousand miles away.

The elevator stopped, and I unconsciously looked up to check what floor it was. 14th floor. The door opened and a person came in. He was wearing those really comfy rubber Adidas slippers, gray sweats and gray hoodie.. all this I observed while pretending to be busy on my phone, and I finally glanced at his face. He was wearing a cap, Johnny Depp glasses and a facemask- the kind that you see nurses wear, nothing special. He noticed and gave me a small nod of acknowledgement, and I nodded back with a small smile as a courtesy.

I went back to my business on my phone and then... it clicked.

I exited out of all my apps and held my phone close to my face, staring at my wallpaper.

My wallpaper was Sho Sakurai.

The person beside me, who I am alone with in this small moving room in this god forsaken time of day..

..is the same person on my wallpaper.

I didn't look up again. I couldn't, I wouldn't. I was god damn sure it was him. How could I, a fan as crazy as me, the girl who guessed which nose was Sakurai Sho's nose among 19 other pictures of noses on one drunken night, make a mistake?! Me, the girl who had over 50gb worth of Sakurai Sho's photos on my phone, make a mistake?

He cleared his throat. I winced.

I slowly backed up and faced the corner. My hands felt like ice blocks but my ears were bread fresh out the oven and Jesus Christ, what the hell were knees even? Was I even wearing shoes? Oh my god, I didn't wear deodorant! How do you even use deodorant? Holy hell, what did I ever do to deserve this?! Why did the universe decide to make this cursed encounter when I was so unprepared?!

My mind is racing. Should I say something? What do I say? I might scream at his face. I might froth in the mouth and die. I might bleed out of all the orifices in my body when face-to-face with an existence so glorious.

Why won't this elevator just swallow me whole?

And then, as if to torture me more.. the elevator came to an abrupt stop. The lights flickered before completely going out and the not-so-dim emergency lights took it's place. The music stopped.

Dead silence. I heard Sho utter a surprised "What?". I heard my sanity break.

There were rustling clothes and a small swear word I wasn't entirely sure what anymore because my brain refused to function. Another swear word and a very attractive sigh of frustration.

I, a commoner, am trapped in a small metal room with one of the most beautiful men in the u n i v e r s e. I will die. How do I get out? How do I get the fuck out right fucking now?!

"Excuse me?" His voice bounced around the elevator walls before it came crushing down my skull.

I felt like I just ate a handful of sand. God, if there ever is a God, please take me now. I didn't say anything. I didn't even move.

"Excuse me?" This beautiful Keio graduate said again. "My phone is dead. I was wondering if you could call someone for help?"

I nodded. Wow, I could still nod. Congratulations, self. Ha ha.

I tried calling my mother but before I could, my phone rang and in my surprise, I dropped the thing. Not only was my AnAn Jan 2010 No. 1693 wallpaper revealed...

Guess what my ring tone is. Take a fucking guess.


I swear to God I have never felt so much emotional and mental pain before in my whole entire life.

Sho Sakurai gave a small, beautiful, musical giggle, and I saw him take of his mask. Why did he do that? Does he want to blind me with the shine of the moisture on his lips?!

I scrambled to pick up my still T.A.B.O.O-ing phone and answered it in what felt more like an epileptic fit rather than just a strong sense of urgency. "Mom? I'm okay and I'm stuck in the elevator right now so please call for help because I am dying and I can not stand to be in the same room with the man I have been lusting for for the past decade please save me." was what I said in my native tongue.

Sakurai just stood there, I'm pretty sure, with a little smug smile on his face, this handsome dick. I say 'I'm pretty sure' because I was still facing the corner. My mother said she tried calling the front desk but it was busy and she promised she would get help for me and Sho Sakurai ASAP. She also reminded me to stay calm and try my best to not faint. I said okay and asked her to burn my laptop if ever I don't make it out alive. She said I shouldn't over react and hung up.

"Do you mind if you could tell me what happened?" A deep silky voice asked.

I cleared my throat. It sounded like a squeak. "The power supply, s- something wrong. They said couldn't.. the.. I mean, the generation.. I mean, generators. Won't start, the generators." I have evolved into a stuttering Yoda.

He chuckled. He fucking chuckled. "Thank you. I guess all we need to do is wait."

"Yes." I said, nodding furiously.

Long painful awkward silence. For me, that is.

"I'm sorry, I asked you to call for help without even introducing myself. I'm Sho Sakurai. You?"

Fuck you, you shit. Fuck you so hard, I know who the fuck you are. I know when you were born, what your blood type is, how tall you are and when you entered Johnny's, goddammit. How dare you?

The pressure of knowing that I was being extremely rude to him by not even facing his direction while talking mixed with the gnawing feeling of not knowing what I would do if I see him face-to-face was making me want to throw up. But I needed to do it. I needed to calm my nerves and be polite to this man I claim to be so in love with and not make him feel like shit.

So I turned around to face him, and bowed immediately, introducing myself. This time, I was speaking with less stutters. Thank god. "I'm glad to have finally met you, Sakurai-san. In this.. really, uhm, weird situation." Insert nervous laugh here.

Have I said that he smelled really nice, by the way?

"Nice meeting you, too." The full teeth smile. The smile of someone who enjoys bathing in the screams of his fans'. The smile of victory. "It really is a weird situation, huh? I was just going out to buy some food at 7-Eleven and then this happens."

Ha ha ha what are you saying. No way in hell. You mean to say that even if we didn't get stuck in the elevator together, we'd still meet at a convenience store? No fucking way, Gerard Way. "Th- that's a coincidence. I was going down to get some food there, too."

Signature Sakurai Laugh. "Really? Yabai." Pause. "So.. you're a fan of Arashi?"

Slow hesitant nod. Sho-chan, please don't subject me to suffering. Let's talk about something else that doesn't have anything to do with my obsession AKA you. "I am."

"Oh, I'm happy!" He genuinely looked amused. "Did you watch our recent concert?"

"In Nagoya Dome, yes." I said, glancing away once in awhile because if look at him too long my eyes might melt. "Uhm, do you mind if I sit on the floor?"

"That's actually a good idea." and we both sat down, facing each other, leaning on the wall.

I can not believe I am actually having a conversation with a member of Japan's #1 Idol Group. I could honestly, truthfully die happy now. I am complete.

"What did you think of it? Did you enjoy it?" He asked.

"Yes! Yes, of course I did!" I blabbered a bit about my favorite parts of the concert and then covered my mouth to stop myself because I might accidentally blurt out a Supernova Next To The Door™ joke.

Sho laughed with his squishy laughing face. Saying that my heart skipped a beat is an understatement because I think it stopped completely. "Thank you! This feels great, talking to a fan up close."

"...nothing compared to the happiness a fan feels, in my opinion." What the hell did I just say. He looked quite taken aback. "I'm sorry, that was rude of me!" I bowed in apology.

"No, no! It's okay. You're fine." He waved. "That's.. actually very true."

Someone's stomach growled.

We both laughed.

(I am laughing with Sho Sakurai, oh my god.)

"I'd really like some seafood ramen right now. And maybe a cup of coffee." I said.

"Me too."

As soon as he said that, "Africa" by Toto started playing from the elevator speakers and a woman on the intercomm interjected, apologizing for the inconvenience or panic the power failure might've caused.

The elevator was finally back to life and continued its journey to the ground floor.

Sakurai stood up. "Ah, at last! Thank goodness." He stretched. Arm muscles arm muscles arm muscles. "I enjoyed our conversation even though it was just a short one." He extended a hand to me, intending maybe to help me stand up.

I hesitated, but took it anyway. I will peel off the skin that was in contact with Sho Sakurai from my hand and frame it. I'm kidding. "Thank you. Me too."

We finally reached the ground floor.

That was probably the worst and best two hours of my entire existence. I will sound like a total insensitive brat saying this... but I wish the power failure lasted longer. Ah, whatever. I'm glad I'll be able to eat.. what the hell do I want to happen, anyway? A romantic twist? Shoujo manga plot? Sho Sakurai asking me to actually go out with him? Lol. This guy is way out of my league. Besides, I'm okay with being able to stare at his abs on my phone whenever I feel like it.

He waited for me to step out first. "Ah!" He exclaimed. I jumped a bit. "I want to repay you for calling for help earlier... why don't we go out for ramen and coffee?"


This thing was born out of this meme

 because I am meme trash, obvs.

Ofc, my lock screen is non other than Sho-chan, and me and my friends just needed to talk about this meme. So you're trapped in an elevator, and let's say his phone died, and you could speak really good Japanese. Then we came up with the scenario that what if you drop your phone and he sees that your wallpaper is him. Or your phone rings and then your ring tone is one of his solos. And then my friend was like OH MY GOD THAT'S PERFECT FOR A FAN FIC. And I was like DON'T ME, BES.

Tbh doe, I don't think I will ever have the guts to actually talk to Sho, even with flawless Japanese. I feel like either I'd be too overwhelmed to talk or I would downright scream. If I ever I could properly talk, it would take a lot of preparation.

OC has mild anxiety, btw. She also has issues problems socializing because she is a dork. Hahaha.

Perfect because Red Month. <3
Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this short thing I wrote. I'm very open to feed back and constructive cristicism so please feel free to leave something on the comments! Thank you! <3
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12 December 2016 @ 05:56 pm
Got this from here And only google translated because ofc I cant read Japanese but best friend google says

Updated December 12, 2016 Entertainment

【Arashi】 Next year's decision to hold an Asian Tour or Shanghai · Taipei has already been confirmed but there are lots of voices suspected to be in hoax

I'm currently checking how to get a Chinese visa anyway??????
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09 December 2016 @ 07:52 pm
..from this temptation called Tegoshi Yuya.

Ha ha. Ha. Ha.

I'm already in one comm for this evil (and sexy) being. Also it is weird because he has the same birthday as my ex-boyfriend (which is a day after mine) and I find that super weird... also putangina this life, I just discovered just now that we have the same blood type HOLY SHIT I don't wanna go deeper in this idol hell!!

I blame Potato for this, ofc. I was just scrolling through the brouchure of boys and viola I find this blonde cutie and god damn it, I am so mad.

It also doesn't help thet Taka from OOR used to be in NEWS?! Takte wtf is this liiiiiiife ayoko naaaaa

My head hurts because I lack coffee yet here I am infront of the computer screen. I said that I wanted to take a bath but it's been 2 hours since I said that.

GDI I'm going to take a bath and think about my life.
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06 December 2016 @ 07:53 pm
So last month my friend and I went to Manila to process my Visa (which i have now and yay ill be off to japan very soon! <3) and we went to Red Monster Cafe @ Quezon City! We were staying in Pasay and we needed to sit in traffic for like 3 hours just to get to the cafe but everything was worth it because the cafe owners were super nice and they had great food!

I'm super poor but i managed to buy these

a shop photo of my fave dorks, Riida, Aibachii and ofc keio boy (I wanted to get the face down shop photo with the keio boy all up in Neener's face but i prioritized my stomach ahahah), the Potato anniv issue from 2013 (which i keep joking about saying that it was a brochure of pretty boys) and the not-lewd sho An-an with his hands.

the shop owners were super nice they played us and Arashi concert (which we were actually quite unfamiliar with but my friend and i concluded that it could be from AAA but not in tokyo dome)

and had us sit in the Arashi themed table! they also have an Arashi themed drink (peppermint mocha yaaas) which was called FOR DREAM and man i loved their pesto pasta.

I wanted to buy more shit but i was poor af hahahah

and im very late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY SATOCHEEKS-RIIDA!! i made and drew this for you but im not very good ehehe

that was a life update from Jou! out~!
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01 December 2016 @ 12:23 am
Okay wait okay
This will sound really cray and please, i know i ain't the only one who's experienced this but

I dream about Arashi a lot??? AHAHHA
i dunno how many more i had but these are what i could remember (my english function is not functioning very well rn)

The dream that really did it for me was...

It was set in the auditorium of my alma matter and there was this event and arashi was there?? i think they were wearing their 24 hour TV shirtrs since they were all yellow and Aiba and Shochan were sitting on these arm rests on the really long benches. Aiba was behind Sho and i was like.. i glomped Sho from behind and said "nanamian gd ko sa imo Shochan ya kay gina ubra mo gd tanan nga hambal ko ubrahon mo" which roughly translates to "I really like you Shochan because you do everything i tell you to do" and Aiba was giggling behind us. hahahah also please take note that i still wasnt a fan when i dreamt about this? i was getting into it but i didnt know a lot yet and when i told my friend about this she was like omg that's so accurate since Sho actually does do what he's told hahaha

the second dream i think was... we were in this really huge stadium and i was sitting with them in the benches and i was panicking because my friend was in a different side of the stadium and i told Sho that Ohchan needed to say "I love you [name of friend here]" since she's listening but then Sho's like "you only have 8 seconds to do that okay" and Ohchan was like nodding and when he was about to talk Sho was like "okay times up" and I was really sad

the next dream is hahahah we were swimming in the beach and Ohchan was getting mad at Machan because he was swimming towards the deep parts?? hahaha and after that they shot a music video in this really old abandoned building and there were really really bright lights and i was like shooting a kind of BTS thing with my phone with the flash on and Sho suddenly decides to give me kabedon against the wall and he was like staring into the camera of phone hahah what a whore i love him

i also had this dream about Aibachii where we were cuddling in bed (i am not embarassed to say this because i will not deny that it felt really nice and comfy okay) and he was really warm and tall and fit and had really nice skin and we were watching VSA and we were laughing while watching them omg hahaha

and the most recent one...

Okay wtf ahahahahahha as far as i can remember i was working in this real run down office AND it was the MINISTRY OF MAGIC okay and we were wearing 1920s clothing holy shit ahahahhaha i dunno specifically where we were but i think hagrid was there and i had an unsaid flirty flirty office romance with


Okay his suit was really nice hahaha like earth tones, dark browns moss green you know the drill
And and he kept calling me my real first name and i said "keep calling me that I'll call you SAKURAI SHO every time i call you!!" And he was laughing and we were like flirty giggly hahaha oh shit why
And there was this girl who was flirting with him calling him "Sho-kun" in a sing song voice and the possessive bitch that i am passed by her and called him "SHO-CHAN" in a much louder voice like huh gtfo bitch can u not hear what honorific im using this my man k
And then hagrid was there to scold us not doing our ministry work properly and when he opened a closet talking papers with tiny voices flew out complaining that they were long overdue??? Ahhahaha

Gago im crazy

do you have arashi dreams?? tell me about them!! hahahah
11 November 2016 @ 11:56 pm
hello ive been gone for some time because things are getting really busy and it's emotionally and mentally stressing me out hahaha

i keep telling myself that ill update on my fanfic but im not doing anything ahahah
i will be posting something in a few though lol

i havent even finished watching sekaiimuzu and platina data yet, and ive broken my one variety episode a day vow to myself

not sure if this is depression or pure laziness or i just dont know how to manage my time hahaha why arent i in AKB48 i swear i would be such a good idol because im a fame whore but just the right amount??? HAHAH

that was it lol i suck
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